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I am a complete beginner & very nervous about my first triathlon. Will I fit in?

Very much so! We pride ourselves in being able to make everyone feel comfortable and get what they need out of the week. It's always such a great mix of abilities & people.


I want to relax & enjoy some Neilson water sports. Is there time for this? Our tri camps are about balance. There is plenty of good training & coaching, but also time to enjoy free Neilson activities such as water skiing, sailing and Kayaking. All of the workouts are optional and you won't be alone if you want to chill out by the pool & have a beer!


I am coming alone. Do many people do this? Between a half & two thirds of people come on their own. There is plenty of socializing as a group and you will soon make great new friends. Whether you are single or have left your other half at home, you will feel very comfortable.


What's the weather like?

Greece - Typically in May & September it's sunny & 25-30 degrees C. We sometimes get 1 day of showers so bring a rain jacket, but generally it's perfect for training and relaxing.

Doha - Springtime in Doha is lovely with the temperatures in the high twenties.

UK - Our UK camp runs in November, the weather can be a mix of mild and cold - our venues allow us to run sessions inside and out as appropriate.


​It seems like the camp price includes everything. What's not included?

Greece - I can't think of any other tri camps that include as much. Most tri camps don't even include flights! The only things not included between RnR and Neilson in our camps are drinks and 3 dinners when we sample the amazing local restaurants, and your bike carriage on the flight.

Doha - we try to provide excellent value for money and are camps are relatively all inclusive. In Doha we don't include hotel accomodation or travel to the Grand Hyatt Doha.


How long is the airport transfer? 


Greece - In Sivota it is approx. 75-90mins and in Messini it is approx .10 mins by Neilson charter bus 


What's the food like? It's buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner and we promise you won't be disappointed! There are many healthy options, local Greek dishes & even burger & fries if you have worked particularly hard! Vegetarians have plenty of options too.


Are the resorts suitable for families? We have people with small children and babies who come on the camps, including the coaches & they are all very happy. Some use the exceptional kids club & nanny service but there is an extra charge for this. You should contact Neilson to book this. The only negative is there are lots of steps so be prepared to carry your little one. It's all good strength training though!


Do I need a wetsuit? The water temperature is boarder line so we would recommend you bring one.


​I am training for an Ironman. Will the camp work for me? We always have several people training for an Ironman on our Greece camps and it works very well as they usually do a few extra bike miles while others relax by the pool. There are options in the May schedules to extend bike rides and the staff have vast Ironman experience so you will get plenty of good advice.

​I cannot face packing or traveling with my bike! Are there options? Yes. Neilson have road bikes that can be rented for the week. Availability is limited and you should contact Neilson to reserve one. We always recommend you bring your own bike if at all possible.


​If I sign up & then can't come, can I get a refund? We do not give refunds but you can defer your coaching package to another RnR Tri Camp within a 1 year period, subject to availability. You will have to claim a refund for the travel package through your travel insurance.

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